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The British built MCW 1982 Metro bus is originally from Coventry, and spent it’s last few years in service as a school bus in Birmingham. With 689,000 miles on the clock, it has travelled the equivalent distance of the earth to the moon, back to the earth, and then halfway to the moon again!

Narrowly escaping destruction, The Big Green Bus was destined for the scrap heap when Adam bought it online. But now, with a mixture of up-cycled furniture, bright retro splashes of colour plus the original bus features, it’s enjoying a leisurely retirement in the beautiful Sussex countryside.

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The whole conversion was filmed for Channel 4’s ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’ program in 2013. From picking the bus up for the first time having never driven a bus before and driving it back to Sussex, right up to the hectic final few months of trying to get the development finished before the last day of filming, you can watch all the highs and lows of the project unfold. You’ll also see the passion and love that has gone into making the bus what it is today.

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